Key Links Poetry Cards Set Grade 2

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Use poetry to reinforce the rhythm of language and create a powerful vehicle for oral literacy development. Key Links Poetry cards offer:

Oral literacy development: Every poetry card uses rhymes, chants, and rhythm to build comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and phonics/phonemic awareness

Explicit teacher support: ThinkLinks prompts on the back of every poetry card provide a 5-day lesson plan for shared reading:

  • Day 1: Comprehension - The teacher reads the book aloud to students and focuses on comprehension
  • Day 2: Vocabulary - Students are encouraged to join in the reading—rhythmical text helps students learn the flow of language and the teacher focuses on vocabulary
  • Day 3: Reading with Fluency - Teachers provide explicit instruction on fluency during the third reading of the book
  • Day 4: Phonics/Phonemic Awareness - The whole class reads the text aloud with the teacher and focuses on phonics and phonemic awareness
  • Day 5: Creating - Students make connections to thepoem and engage with it in a variety of ways (e.g. making a song, dance, or drawing)