Key Links Literacy Orange Shark Nets

Key Links Literacy Orange Shark Nets
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Key Links Literacy Peer Readers use a unique approach to practicing reciprocal teaching with the fluent readers in your classroom—independently, without the teacher.! From start to finish, students work together and lead activities and interactions with their peers while practicing critical literacy skillsstrategies, including:

  • predicting
  • clarifying vocabulary
  • generating questions
  • summarizing
  • visualizing
  • making inferences
  • supporting an opinion with text evidence

Peer reading in literacy circles has a critical place in the balanced literacy classroom to help students in actively practicing the essential skills that evolve good readers into great readers, and gain reading independence in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Due to their focused and collaborative nature, using Key Links Literacy Peer Readers results in:

  • 9 months of reading growth after only 3 months
  • increased comprehension, in some cases, by 50 percentage points
  • gains in verbal summarization, writing accurate summaries, and text evaluation
  • sustained improvement beyond an 8-week period