Guiding Student Research Projects: Grades 6-12 E-Course

Guiding Student Research Projects: Grades 6-12 E-Course
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The research project in grades 6“12 is a worthwhile challenge for both students and teachers. This course provides strategies and tools to help make the project process more manageable, meaningful, and productive for all participants, so that the research, thinking, and writing skills students learn will serve them well in college and careers.The course begins by identifying the types of questions that inspire research, then offers strategies to help students refocus their inquiries to ensure the final research project fulfills its scope and purpose. Course participants will learn how to create class environments that ensure student success in research through planning and the appropriate use of a variety of resources and tools for researching, organizing, and citing information. The course emphasizes the importance of critical thinking to draw evidence from a variety of text and media.The course also explains strategies and tools that facilitate student presentation and teacher assessment while addressing critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills demanded by the Common Core standards.