Give Me Liberty! (6th Edition)(AP Edition)

Give Me Liberty! (6th Edition)(AP Edition)
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The most successful U.S. History textbook, now built for the AP® course

Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty! is a proven success in the AP® classroom, providing an authoritative and concise American history. The pedagogy throughout the textbook provides students with close reading and analytical writing instruction as well as the opportunities for practical application they need to succeed in the AP® course. A robust media package, including new interactive History Skills Tutorials and Norton InQuizitive for History, ensures students come to class prepared with a strong understanding of the reading.

An accessible and integrated synthesis of American history updated for today’s students  

Give Me Liberty! has sold more than one million copies and is beloved by teachers and students alike because it provides an accessible introduction to U.S. history that helps students understand not just what happened but why. The Sixth AP® Edition addresses controversial questions that are necessary to address in today’s high school classroom: who is an American, who is not, and what does it mean to be American? The textbook features new coverage of inclusion and exclusion as it has played out in American law and institutions, political and social movements, family and individual aspirations, and race, gender, and ethnicity. This new coverage is woven throughout the text and in the new “Who Is an American?” primary-source document feature in the book and in author videos included in the media package. 

The most successful textbook for U.S. History now built for the AP® course  

The book’s new part structure maps chapter content to the nine AP® U.S. History periods, ensuring coverage of every topic on the AP® exam. The content of each part is bookended for AP® success, with part openers by Eric Foner introducing students to the key historical elements of each historical period and part conclusions offering practice with secondary sources and AP®-style questions. Primary- and secondary-source features in every chapter include AP®-style writing and test prompts for additional practice with analyzing historical evidence. A collection of eight document-based questions, located in the back of the textbook, allow students to step into historians’ shoes as interpreters of historical evidence.   

The best instructional tools for students to encourage close reading and effective writing   

The AP® U.S. History Skills Handbook included at the front of the textbook has been revised based on valuable feedback from AP® teachers and serves as a primer to reading, writing, and working with primary and secondary sources. New and updated digital resources help students develop critical reading and analytical history skills while enhancing the reading experience. InQuizitive, Norton’s award-winning adaptive learning tool, features 20% new and revised questions and the History Skills Tutorials feature a new module on secondary sources. Both ensure students come to class prepared with a strong understanding of the reading. 

Thoughtfully-created resources save teachers time and reinforce the goals of the AP® course 

AP®-specific instructor materials written by master teachers with deep knowledge of the AP® course help instructors stay on track and assess student understanding. A Correlation Chart aligns the content of Give Me Liberty! to the key concepts and learning objections of the AP® Curriculum Framework. A Course Planning and Pacing Guide provides specific lessons and activities for each of the course’s nine periods. An AP® U.S. History Test Bank, featuring over 2,000 questions, includes every AP® question type as well as content mastery questions to test student understanding.  

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