Cultur-osite Teacher's Resource: Teacher's Guide

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The Nelson Cultur-osité Teacher’s Resource provides practical support with built-in professional learning that explores:

  • How to teach cultural awareness and intercultural competence within FSL
  • Literacy Development Strategies
  • Assessment Practices and Tools
  • Lesson Plans for each Little Book
  • The CD-ROM within the Teacher’s Resource contains all blackline masters in PDF and Word format to allow for easy modification. The blackline masters include:
    • One graphic organizer for each little book
    • Teacher Observation Checklist
    • Intercultural Communicative Competence Proficiency Scale
    • Cultural Encounter Log
    • Teacher Observation Checklist
    • At-a-Glance Planner
    • Mini-Lesson Planner
    • Nelson Cultur-ositéInstructional Overviews, Levels 1-3