Chemistry: The Science in Context (5th Edition) (AP Edition)

Chemistry: The Science in Context (5th Edition) (AP Edition)
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The Fifth Edition's new coauthor Stacey Lowery Bretz, uses visualization tools—based on Chemistry Education Research and focused on the particulate nature of matter—to help students self-assess what they know before, during, and after each chapter. Bundled with Smartwork5, this resource allows instructors to use this pedagogy as a diagnostic, and students receive hints and answer-specific feedback within the system.  

Table of Contents 

1. Particles of Matter: Measurement and the Tools of Science 
2. Atoms, Ions, and Molecules: Matter Starts Here 
3. Stoichiometry: Mass, Formulas, and Reactions 
4. Reactions in Solution: On Earth and in Our Bodies 
5. Thermochemistry: Energy Changes in Reactions 
6. Properties of Gases: The Air We Breathe 
7. A Quantum Model of Atoms: Waves, Particles, and Periodic Properties 
8. Chemical Bonds: What Makes a Gas a Greenhouse Gas? 
9. Molecular Geometry: Shape Determines Function 
10. Intermolecular Forces: The Uniqueness of Water 
11. Solutions: Properties and Behavior 
12. Solids: Crystals, Alloys, and Polymers 
13. Chemical Kinetics: Reactions in the Atmosphere 
14. Chemical Equilibrium: How Much Product Does a Reaction Really Make? 
15. Acid–Base Equilibria: Proton Transfer in Biological Systems 
16. Additional Aqueous Equilibria: Chemistry and the Oceans 
17. Thermodynamics: Spontaneous and Nonspontaneous Reactions and Processes 
18. Electrochemistry: The Quest for Clean Energy 
19. Nuclear Chemistry: Applications to Energy and Medicine 
20. Organic and Biological Molecules: The Compounds of Life 
21. The Main Group Elements: Life and the Periodic Table 
22. Transition Metals: Biological and Medical Applications