Biology, 13th Edition

Biology, 13th Edition
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Students explore AP Biology through an inquiry-based lens as they discover the unity and interconnected nature of the study of life. Author Sylvia Mader blends her iconic field expertise with a clear, easy-to-understand writing style to provide students with concise and engaging instruction, practice, and support for AP success. The stunning illustrative artwork and photo presentations add visual interest and powerful pedagogical tools to support and enhance key concepts. Mader Biology is fully aligned to the College Board’s AP Curriculum Framework with integrated AP coverage and additional features including:

  • AP chapter reviews that feature AP-style questions.
  • A wealth of data analysis activities that require students to apply the science practices.
  • A Focus Review Guide workbook to apply and review the AP content covered in each chapter.
  • AP Test Banks, featuring AP-style questions to help students prepare for the AP exam.
  • AP Teacher Manual with helpful hints to support teachers throughout the course, as well as a pacing guide,
    classroom activities, and answers to the student edition chapter assessments.
  • Featured readings to reflect recent scientific advances.