BC Math Boost Grade 6 Classroom Set

BC Math Boost Grade 6 Classroom Set
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The BC Math Boost Classroom Set includes 1 copy of the Teacher's Resource and 25 copies of the Student Module.

Teacher's Resource

  • Summary Charts:
    • Identify Core Competencies as a focus for the chapter or unit
    • Identifies the Learning Standards addressed for each lesson, including the curricular competencies focus and content
    • Identifies where the new lessons fit with current math resources
    • Includes notes about when to omit an existing lesson if it no longer addresses the new Learning Standards
    • Highlights new financial literacy learning standards
  • New 3-part lesson style: Introduction, Teaching, and Learning/Consolidation
  • Curricular Competencies and Content highlighted in each new lesson with “I can” statements
  • Assessment for Learning chart includes misconceptions and differentiated instruction suggestions
  • Preparation and Planning Charts and Math Background Chart

Online Teacher’s Resource

  • Online access to the Teacher’s Resource and Student Module for Grades 3–7
  • Summary Charts correlate to Pearson’s Math Makes Sense

Student Module

  • 1 student module per grade
  • Each lesson includes worked solutions, reflecting, checking, and practising questions