Ponti: Italiano terzo millennio (AP Edition) (Third Edition)

Ponti: Italiano terzo millennio (AP Edition) (Third Edition)
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Now featuring a brand-new design and integration of short film, the newly-revised PONTI: ITALIANO TERZO MILLENNIO provides an up-to-date look at modern Italy, with a renewed focus on helping the second year student bridge the gap from the first year. With its innovative integration of cultural content and technology, the Third Edition encourages students to expand on chapter themes through web-based exploration and activities. Taking a strong communicative approach, the book's wealth of contextualized exercises and activities make it well suited to current teaching methodologies, and its emphasis on spoken and written communication ensures that students express themselves with confidence. Students will also have the chance to explore modern Italy with a cinematic eye through the inclusion of five exciting short films by Italian filmmakers.


Readings on famous Italians and Italian-Americans in "Nel mondo dei grandi" offer more high-C culture and suggest topics for Internet exploration that can be used for oral presentations and written reports.

Increased Vocabulary Practice. Lessico.edu fosters vocabulary acquisition and increases support for expanding students' vocabulary. Each chapter includes an activity that asks students to add a personalized list of theme-related words to the chapter list, based on Internet and textbook readings and activities. Additionally, icons for the Student Activities Manual (SAM), website, and in-text audio, placed in the margins of the book, alert students when to use the resources available to them.

Expanded Student and Instructor Websites. Websites provide additional interactive learning through video-based exercises and grammar review. The Student Activities Manual (SAM) is available in an online format through QUIA and includes the SAM audio in MP3 format along with oral activities. This component increases options for institutions interested in online instruction.

Integration of Technology. The use of technology is driven by pedagogical objectives and by a strong desire to close the gap between language and culture. The chapter-opening Internet Café web activities immediately immerse students in Italian culture and prepare them thematically for the chapter content. Online Grammar review through video-based modules and additional practice on the web for each chapter further interactive learning and provide immediate feedback.

A Balanced Approach to Grammar. PONTI immediately introduces intermediate-level structures but also includes the "Ponti sul primo anno" section at the beginning of each of the first eight chapters for review of first-year structures. To facilitate the student's individual study of grammar outside of class, specific grammar structures are explained in English, allowing classroom time to be used to encourage language proficiency through interaction in Italian.

Focus on Culture. Cultural and literary readings include both contemporary and historical selections chosen to illustrate a particular era. Activities encourage students to examine culture and question stereotypes in order to gain an up-to-date view of Italy and Italians.

Systematic Reading, Writing, and Listening Skills Development. Reading, writing, and listening strategies encourage students to implement techniques that will make them more successful communicators. Pre- and post-exercises and a guided approach to these skills provide additional support.

Varied Opportunities for Oral and Written Communication. Throughout the chapters, numerous guided, open-pair, and group activities reinforce chapter topics while fostering communication and personal expression. Themes linked to cultural awareness encourage students to use oral and written language to express how they see themselves and how they see others.

Updated Listening Strategies/Exercises and Cultural Expansion Activities. The Third Edition provides greater integration of all skills. The Book Companion Website features "Oltre Ponti" song and movie lists available via a book-specific iTunes playlist, providing students with opportunities to immerse themselves in Italian language and culture.

New to this Edition

The Third Edition has been completely redesigned to highlight chapter organization, emphasize review of important first-year structures and contemporary cultural insights, and offer an easy-to-understand presentation of linguistic and cultural material.

New "Ponti sul primo anno" sections provide elementary grammar practice at the beginning of Chapters 1 through 8 in order to "bridge" the students from the first year to the second. Students who want more practice are directed to the website where there are grammar explanations and exercises and review to help them brush up on their Italian. Online tutorials provide additional instruction and support to practice these "review" structures prior to diving into the intermediate-level grammar.

New "Ponti sul passato" sections provide grammar practice and review for the structures presented in previous chapters, offering an opportunity to refresh the learner's memory. The PONTI website provides additional opportunity for practice with these structures.

New "Cinema Ponti" sections between chapters feature contemporary short films by Italian filmmakers, engaging students through a colorful four-page spread and thoughtfully designed activities that promote language learning.

New journalistic and literary readings include an excerpt from "Ti ho sposato per allegria" by Natalia Ginzburg, "La farfaletta" by Luigi Salier, "La vispa Teresa" by Stefano Benni, and many more. These readings contribute to an accurate and engaging depiction of Italian culture, classic and modern, by showcasing various aspects of Italian life in different eras.

Revised and streamlined, the Student Activities Manual consists of workbook and lab manual activities with skill-based approach to vocabulary and grammar practice. A video program is now included in the SAM as well, with activities written expressly to practice these skills. For the online environment, up to 80 percent single-response activities allow for independent practice of vocabulary and structures.