MySELF Series Complete Classroom Collection

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MySELF (Social Emotional Learning Foundations) helps Pre-K–Grade 2 children develop positive social and emotional skills and behaviours while building core literacy skills. The series offeres 4-child-centred themes with topics that support social and emotional growth:

  1. I Have Feelings
  2. I Get Along with Others
  3. I Am in Control of Myself
  4. I Believe in Myself

The complete classroom collection includes resources to support all four themes: 24 lap books, 144 little books (6 copies of 24 titles), 4 posters (1 per theme), 4 teacher guides (1 per theme), 240 take-home books (10 copies of 24 titles), 40 family guides (10 copies per theme), 24 personal journals, 4 theme storage boxes (1 per theme)